Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tagging Frenzy

Dont u just hate it when stupid word propagates widely through chaining? Its just like a virus... Today i choose to neglect that and respond nicely to some tagging; Kinda a childish way to introduce oneself... Im gonna answer two tags in one post!

First meme: (tagged by Tololy and sk8erboi)

Four Jobs I've had:
1. Student

Four Movies I could watch over and over: (I dont re-watch movies fanatically)
1. Lost And Delirious
2. 40-Days 40-Nights
3. American Pie
4. Porn movies in general

Four Places I have lived:
1. Marka - Amman, Jordan (till age of 2)
2. Al-Rabiyeh - Amman, Jordan (current residence)
3. Bucharest, Romania (40 days only)

Four TV Shows I Love to watch: (not a tv-freak either)
1. Becker
2. Seinfeld
3. Ally McBeal
4. Malcolm in the Middle

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:
1. Aqaba - Jordan (numerous times)
2. Turkey
3. Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt
4. Brachov - Romania

Four Blogs I Visit Daily:
1. Tololy's Box
2. Tololy News
3. Border Of A Mind

Four Favourite Foods:
1. Macaroni
2. Pizza
3. Barbeque
4. Shawerma 3rbi

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Switzerland
2. USA (the Live Large states)
3. Hell (as in: go to Hell)

Four Albums I Love:
1. Meteora - Linkin Park
2. IOWA - Slipknot
3. Anthems Of Rebellion - Arch Enemy
4. Silent Force - Within Temptation
5. Lest We Forget: The Best Of - Marilyn Manson

Four Vehicles I've Owned: (not mine, my Dad's)
1. Opel Vectra (which we sold as scrap since i made a horrible accident with it)
2. Kia Sephia

Four People I would pass the chain to: (chains are no good, so i will not go there)

Second meme: (implicitly tagged by Border Of A Mind)

Five facts about me:
1- Im an atheist (hopefully my ID will say that one day)
2- I love cursing, especially the word "fuck" (demonstration)
3- I hate it that i was raised in a third-world country
4- All my friends agree that i am an asshole
5- Im probably pornoholic

Three things I like in other people:
1- Open-mindness
2- Articulating skills (which i suck at)
3- Honesty and frankness

Three things I don't like in others: (only if the list can go on)
1- Irrationality
2- Exploiting others (especially "psychic vampires")
3- Intolerance towards different people, ideas, and the like.


sk8erboi said...

Ally McBeal, I forgot all about it, I love that show!

Devil's Mind said...

yeah, its a long time since i last watched it too!

Tololy said...

This is indecent and immodest but I am endlessly flattered that you visit two of my blogs on a daily basis. Far out!

Say, I noticed we "kinda sorta" have a lot in common. I said this once before, and I am saying it now, you remind me of myself way too much.

Devil's Mind said...

this flatters me tololy! and yeah, i actually noticed that u said that b4... but wish there was a way to tell if thats your evil twin speaking right from the login name ;) :S