Monday, February 27, 2006

Cool Geeky Stuff - Round 2

Few days ago my friend Ghaith came to my place bringing his latest work: It was a simple circuit -a proof of concept type of circuit- which has a 7-segment digit display and a push button! Each time the button is pressed the digit displayed is incremented by one...

It was fun learning how such simple circuit is assembled: tiny details that one wouldnt consider except when assembling it with his own hands; It was also fun toying with the microcontroller's program attempting to make it do different stuff, like for example counting 3 at a time, or blinking after each button push... As well as our failed attempt to implement a fade-in fade-out effect which was at least fun to think about... Those functions are implemented through a special type of assembly language specific to that microcontroller, which through a device connected to the serial line on the computer is downloaded on that microcontroller!! It was simply engaging!

Guess the next step now is to achieve a breakthrough in the world of sensors: for example implementing a distance sensor through which we can display the distance between that sensor and a certain object; Making a circuit capable of doing that will open up a whole new world of invention possibilities -to me and my friend-!!

As been hinted in the previous title "Cool Geeky Stuff", this semester i am taking the digital logic design lab which seems promising and interesting...

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