Friday, February 10, 2006

Satanism: The Physics Of Life

Christianity says: Dont kill! Why shouldnt i kill?..... I can kill, nothing stops me. Those kinds of laws presented by most religions are 'laws of man', created by man as stated before, and can be destroyed by man. Satanism DOESNT present laws that we are supposed to follow. It presents the physics of life: THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE! It aims at understanding the mechanics of life so we can get through it, so we can make best use of things in our hands.

PS: This is a personal view of Satanism


MegaAlex said...

i am not particularly a fan of satanism, nevertheless, i deeply respect the freedom of choice and the freedom of expression of them choices.. your expression is plausible, to say the least.. I believe religions are, and should be treated as means and not ends, as guidelines and not rules!
i have just started a blog (, and scrutinizing religions will be often featured!! you'll be most welcome to check it out..

Devil's Mind said...

True: Extremists turn the peace message of religions into a rigid system that outlaws tolerance to the disagreeing parties; Thats a shame!

btw, nice choice for the name of your blog; Political correctness is good, but its so limiting on the free expression so sometimes its better to give it up!