Monday, February 06, 2006

Paying Respects To All Danish Newspapers

Thanks for speaking up; Thanks for honesty; Thanks for standing up to all cartoonists around the globe; Thanks for standing up to the highest standards of integrity; Thanks for for standing up to honorable goals; Thanks for shaking up the world; Thanks for standing up to professional journalism; Thanks for Freedom of Speech; Thanks for standing up against censorship; Thanks for the knowledge; Thanks for the truth;

I wish to see the whole world stand up next to Denmark, and never bow down to censorship requests from any party no matter how powerful, violent, terrorist, or uncivilized. I have to praise every newspaper that decided to publish the danish cartoons following the incident.

Special thanks goto 'Shihan', that although of legal liability has bravely decided to publish the cartoons; I feel it is nessary to say that i highly respect Jihad Momani's courage: A jordanian hero indeed! (read more)
Journalism is one of the most sacred and respectable buissiness around the globe; The voice of truth, and its a very sad incident that the jordanian authorities decided to censor all published editions of 'Shihan' that published the cartoons. Thanks again to Shihan and especially Jihad Momani!

In this spirit i wish all the newpapers around the globe would publish those cartoons; its time to flame all the extreme fundamentalists: let the war begin!

I felt terribly bad about the out-of-portion reactions taken, starting with the boycott campaign initiated by Saudi authorities; I felt bad that many people thought that they should punish the danes for speaking up their honest opinions (example)... I think its too cheap to try to repress Danish freedom of speech through their economy (not that they could, but just the concept): Yes, boycott action is a civilized and peaceful reaction, but in my opinion it is anti-honest!

The reaction escalated, violence started (as obviously expected) and rage started; One of the most horrible acts of violence was in Lebanon: The danish embassy was burnt down! Many lebanise citizens condemn such acts (example: 1 2)... Not only Lebanese citizens have condemned the violent reactions, but also some jordanians (among others) did too (example: 1 2 3)!

Update: Criticizing the Denmark as being selective in their boundaries over Free Speech, Iran published a cartoon which shows a devil -holding the danish flag bearing the Jewish six-pointed star of David- writing a scripture that says (translated from Arabic): "I only recognize the Holocaust as a boundary to Free Speech".

PS: why i think the boycott rxn is anti-honest will be explained in a future post
PS: Here are the Danish cartoons (deemed offensive by some authorities)
PS: check this article for elaborated discussion of the events
PS: check those cartoons that explain how those cartoons serve as a voive for the truth
PS: i am not affiliated with any political parties

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