Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sickening People On A Sickening Dirt Ball

Smile Empty Soul in "All My Problems":
My god
Look at his tattoos and those earrings
He could never get
a good job
Go home and beat your kids
So they don't turn out as bad as me (Full lyrics)

Smile Empty Soul in "Every Sunday":
I don't have time for your solutions
And i don't wanna deal with your mistakes
No matter how much medication
the doctor says i need to take
I still say....

You're the ones that kill your babies
You're the ones that fuck your kids
You're the ones that throw each other away
You're the ones sitting in church every sunday

And i don't want your religions
And i don't need your sympathies
And i don't want a part of all your hatred
No matter how much you yell at me (Full lyrics)

Dont u just love to say "Fuck off" to just every face that pass you by?! I know i do!

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