Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sickening People On A Sickening Dirt Ball

Smile Empty Soul in "All My Problems":
My god
Look at his tattoos and those earrings
He could never get
a good job
Go home and beat your kids
So they don't turn out as bad as me (Full lyrics)

Smile Empty Soul in "Every Sunday":
I don't have time for your solutions
And i don't wanna deal with your mistakes
No matter how much medication
the doctor says i need to take
I still say....

You're the ones that kill your babies
You're the ones that fuck your kids
You're the ones that throw each other away
You're the ones sitting in church every sunday

And i don't want your religions
And i don't need your sympathies
And i don't want a part of all your hatred
No matter how much you yell at me (Full lyrics)

Dont u just love to say "Fuck off" to just every face that pass you by?! I know i do!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Slacking Me: Four Days Off

This semister i worked to fit my university schedule on just three days: sunday, tuesday, and thursday... so now i got monday, wednesday, as well as, friday and saturday off!! YAY, im gonna have loads of time to sleep as much as i wish... I registered for only 14 credit hours at university two of which are labs; Last semister, i took 17 credit hours and they were like hell: i didnt have any time to breath; the worst parts of it came when i had to deliver the final project versions; after that i made up my mind that im not gonna stress myself again, and not burden myself five days a week, so that i can have time for myself, and have sometime for fun during the semister... So far, I am enjoying my decision!

Cool Geeky Stuff - Round 2

Few days ago my friend Ghaith came to my place bringing his latest work: It was a simple circuit -a proof of concept type of circuit- which has a 7-segment digit display and a push button! Each time the button is pressed the digit displayed is incremented by one...

It was fun learning how such simple circuit is assembled: tiny details that one wouldnt consider except when assembling it with his own hands; It was also fun toying with the microcontroller's program attempting to make it do different stuff, like for example counting 3 at a time, or blinking after each button push... As well as our failed attempt to implement a fade-in fade-out effect which was at least fun to think about... Those functions are implemented through a special type of assembly language specific to that microcontroller, which through a device connected to the serial line on the computer is downloaded on that microcontroller!! It was simply engaging!

Guess the next step now is to achieve a breakthrough in the world of sensors: for example implementing a distance sensor through which we can display the distance between that sensor and a certain object; Making a circuit capable of doing that will open up a whole new world of invention possibilities -to me and my friend-!!

As been hinted in the previous title "Cool Geeky Stuff", this semester i am taking the digital logic design lab which seems promising and interesting...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Personal Experience: Doubt Is Necessary

My first signs of doubt wore on me back in childhood: I am not sure about the exact age, but it probably was around 8 yrs old (ie. 3rd grade) back in the days when you were supposed to think that one hundred is the largest number ever, and back in the days when you were supposed to think that (4 minus 8) is not a calculable mathematical value... But I knew better, because back in those days I had one god that won't lie to me: The Calculator...

As most of you know, back in those days the calculator was a forbidden fruit... Yes, that was the case: truth was a forbidden fruit!! But just like any reasonable person: Forbidden fruits... then its time for indulgence. My calculator was my proof; No authority on earth could have told me that my calculator gave a wrong answer: It just won't lie!

Now back to the main story: 3rd grade teachers claimed that you cannot subtract a number from another number larger than it (eg. you cannot evaluate 4 minus 8), so I instantly asked my god: are they lying to me? I made that simple test: [4] [-] [8] [=] and to my surprise it did give an answer: the answer was -4!! I went to dad and asked him about that strange phenomenon: "If I had 4 apples and I want to give someone 8 apples, how can I do that?", my dad gave me a quite brilliant answer: "You give him 4 apples, and you are still in debt to him yet another 4 apples, that's the meaning of the negative sign next to the 4; you are 4 apples short to give him 8 apples."; At that time, I didn't quite understand the mathematical meaning of the negative sign but I just knew that (4 minus 8 equals -4)....

Later on, during one exam similar questions were given where a small number is subtracted from a larger number, so instead of putting the answer the teacher wants me to put, I just thought: "fuck the system!" and did the subtraction making sure to put a negative sign next to that answer... To my surprise the teacher marked the answers with a ZERO, so as any reasonable person I went to her and objected! She said: "You can't subtract a small number from a bigger number that why you got a ZERO!"; so I argued: "I know, that's why I put a negative sign next to it.", She said: "Things don't work like that!"; "The calculator says that they do work that way, and I can show you if you want!" I argued; "You are not supposed to use a calculator, and this mark you are not getting it!"; I just gave up, yes I gave up the argument but in my head somehow I knew I was right... and that's why even in later exams I just did the subtraction my way even though I knew that the teacher will put a ZERO on them;

From that day I realized that I cannot just trust anyone to give me a straight piece of info, especially not a classroom teacher, and till this day I find even university teachers(or doctors, if you want to call them) making teaching mistakes without even allowing anyone to question their words... On that day, I also realized that the calculator is a great device and today I am working to become a computer engineer so that I can understand how the GOD of my childhood days works on the inside....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fucked Up Morning RELOADED

Morning is the begining of a new day full of shit;
LimpBizkit say it all in "Break Stuff":
Its just one of those days
When you don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked
Everybody sux
You don't really know why
But you want justify
Rippin' someone's head off (Full lyrics)

Morning is when more people put expectation on you;
Avril Lavigne touches this aspect in "Naked":
I wake up in the morning
Put on my face
The one that's gonna get me
Through another day
Doesn't really matter
How I feel inside
'Cause life is like a game sometimes (Full lyrics)

Morning is when a new lie has to be made up to keep you going though that fucked up day;
Linkin Park thinks so too in "With You":
I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static,
and put my cold feet on the floor
Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I'm pretending to be
where I'm not anymore (Full lyrics)

Unrequited Love: What About It?

Some blogging girl have featured this quote: "You know it's love when all you wanna do is spend time with the other person, and you sort of know that the other person feels the same way too". (source)

It challenged me: The first part was ok; the second part was very questionable; I remmember i once read something that goes like this (and i happen to agree):
Reciprocal Love: is when two people are lucky to have unrequited love for eachother! (source)

Doubt: The Reader's Responsibility

It has been said "the truth will make men free". The truth alone has never set anyone free. It is only DOUBT which will bring mental emancipation. Without the wonderful element of doubt, the doorway through which truth passes would be tightly shut, impervious to the most strenuous poundings of a thousand Lucifers.

source: The Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey / The Enlightment (PDF)

Doubt is the best quality of any thinker!! Non-liberal authorities takes the responsibility to censor and verify the credibility of published info. On the contrary, in this blog (as well as any publication under liberal terms): the reader is assumed to be mature and responsible; This means that it is the reader's responsibility to judge the credibility and validity of arguements proposed on this blog as well as any other material they read.

The reader takes full responsibity to think of what they read. The readers of should not take what they read for granted, but rather are assumed the responsibility of forming their own personal opinions based on what they read, as well as, reason!

Now, besides God's notoriety for being the biggest liar of all liars: did you really expect the devil -the saint of all saints- not to lie occasionally? Sure not! Even Satan would speak lies from time to time; Even if it was not some deliberate lie, it could be an honest mistake.... so dont be naive and just buy every word you read here and there!

In this blog: offensive language is used all the time; drugs and suicide were once promoted; at some other time, a scientifically challenged article has been written; lately a biased opinion based on my personal judgement and experience has been introduced; and God forbid, once a licence to kill has been announced.... Nannying the reader is NOT be assumed; Raising a perfect child is NOT a goal; and censoring every thought marked as controversial will never be enacted: Instead, the reader knows whats better for them, so they better go for that! And for those who dont know whats better for them, they have two choices: (1)stop reading and wait for mama to approve everything they read, or (2)read-on and be ready for doom....

This blog allows commentors to provide both for and against arguments on posts; its the reader's responsibility to form a reasonable judgement based on the debates presented in those posts and comments.... Assuming that readers of this blog are humans, it is perfectly natural phenomenon that not all opinions presented are nessarily identical or compatible....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Arabic: The Fucked Up Language

Sadly, this semester i am taking 'Arabic 101' course at university! I tell u, THIS FUCKING SUCKS!!! With this optimistic attitude, i came into the first lecture 10 minutes late: As usual i enter the class with minimal fuss so as not to disturb the running of the class... but the teacher cant just take that; so he decided to waste few minutes of the golden time of the lecture to teach me manners! Manners: who the fuck are you kidding, i don't deal with that crap! What the fuck he wants from me? Well he wants me to say: 'Alsalam 3laykom' (a greeting in the Arabic language)! Shit, why the fuck should i greet him that i enter his class.... some people u just can never understand!

The bullshit didn't stop right there, but the lecture itself was a piece of crap; I mean who cares what history did Arabs and Muslims have? Surely not me, cuz that's crappy info that no-one needs except maybe: Historians; absolutely not a computer engineer!

I can swear that Arabic 101 has nothing to do with Arabic as a language! I remember in my IGCSE days we used to learn how to write in Arabic; Memorizing some poem or historical event has no place in an Arabic language course... Shit: British buttholes know how to teach the Arabic language better than the Arabs themselves... but who am i to tell some stubborn Arab shitheads how to teach their own language!!! Fuck off! 00100

I'm pretty much concerned i might actually fail the course, or get a just above 50 mark, which can easily sabotage my total average since i suck at memorizing stuff like that; Lets just hope for best!

PS: This post has a biased POV

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Knees Deep In The Darkness

Korn in "Alive":
I can not ever find a way
To throw these darkened thoughts away
Need a place to hide
Its thrown in my face everyday
Guess thats the price I have to pay
For whats inside my mind (Full lyrics)

Korn in "Did My Time":
Realized I can never win
Sometimes I feel like I have failed
Inside where do I begin
My mind is laughing at me (Full lyrics)

Linkin Park in "By Myself":
By myself [myself]
I ask why, but in my mind
I find I can't rely on myself (Full lyrics)

Psychic Vampires: Slay 'Em

Many people who walk the earth practice the fine art of making others feel responsible and even indebted to them, without cause. Satanism observes these leeches in their true light. Psychic vampires are individuals who drain others of their vital energy. This type of person can be found in all avenues of society. They fill no useful purpose in our lives, and are neither love objects nor true friends. Yet we feel responsible to the psychic vampire without knowing why.

If you think you may be the victim of such a person, there are a few simple rules which will help you form a decision. Is there a person you often call or visit, even though you really don't want to, because you know you will feel guilty if you don't? Or, do you find yourself constantly doing favors for one who doesn't come forward and ask, but hints? Often the psychic vampire will use reverse psychology, saying: "Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that" - and you, in turn, insist upon doing it. The psychic vampire never demands anything of you. That would be far too presumptuous. They simply let their wishes be known in subtle ways which will prevent them from being considered pests. They "wouldn't think of imposing" and are always content and willingly accept their lot, without the slightest complaint - outwardly!

source: The Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey / Not All Vampires Suck Blood! (PDF)

Some People just dont deserve the time you'r giving them!!! Just give em the middle finger, n tell em: "kiss my ass"... Thats the way to deal!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No Big Difference After All

For example, Christians typically believe that the God of the Bible exists, but believe that Zeus, Thor, Krishna, and so forth, do not. A typical atheist joke is that there is only a small difference between a strong atheist and a Christian: they agree on a very long list of gods that don't exist, and disagree about only one of them. (source)

Debates Over Freedom - Part 2: The Dilemma

Statement of the dilemma: Choices affect our lives. The choices of others also affect us.... If one knows that their choice will induce unfavorable consequences to oneself, it makes perfect sense to consider alternative options, and probably refrain from acting out those initial choices.

Biased Freedom: Since consequences causes one choice to be favored over another, actions will lack variety; This variety is important for the Darwinistic evolution of actions... As human community has evolved Free Speech has been favored over brutality... Call it bias, and that won't be far from truth.

Protecting The Freedom of Speech: Variation of views is important for a healthy evolution of a community: If i were in your place, I'd take that as fact... Ideas just as individuals exhibit evolution over time: Some ideologies gain popularity and\or support, other are diminished! As ideas evolve community morals develop over time to accommodate supported ideologies of that time... In order to maintain a wide set of schools of thought, the Freedom of Speech need to be protected; Call it a fair fight of ideologies if you want... The concept is that ideas have to evolve for their own competence, rather than the strength of people supporting them.

Expression Instead of Repression: Individuals need a safe environment to discuss thoughts away from violence; Individuals need to be assured that their ideas will not be the cause of their damnation, but rather as a cause for the diversity needed in any human community; In all civilized communities such rights are protected! It is important to note that such policies enrich the communities enforcing those policies leading the community to fit better in a world of surprises.... Open discussion leads to enrich knowledge of all parties participating in such discussion... To have such open discussion all parties need to express their point of view; In a discussion there is only one weapon to use: debates... On the other side of the coin, legal threats or otherwise repress some parties in the discussion leading them to withhold their honest views; Such threats leads to counter-productive discussion, and leads to loss of honesty, integrity, and openness.

The Dilemma: Encouraging one party to share their views is not at all an easy task: How much protection does one need to feel at ease sharing their views; The other side of the question is: what action the offended party is allowed to... Even a non-violent action could lead that a party in a discussion to choose to withhold their honest views... If one party offends another, does that party have the right to take action? Even a non-violent action could discourage that offending party! Answers to those questions remain in the hands of participating parties, and the degree of openness they are aiming at....

Finally, I leave you with this cartoon to ponder.

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Debates Over Freedom - Part 1: Introduction
Debates Over Freedom - Part 2: The Dilemma
Debates Over Freedom - Part 3: Darwinistic Freedom
Next: Debates Over Freedom - Part 4: Pipe Dreams

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wanna Piece'o'Me Boy

I will never be safe,
I will never be sane,
I will always be weird inside,
I will always be lame.


Sometimes you don't need big words to tell the rest of the world how you feel.

PS: This post is a rip off

Friday, February 10, 2006

Satanism: The Physics Of Life

Christianity says: Dont kill! Why shouldnt i kill?..... I can kill, nothing stops me. Those kinds of laws presented by most religions are 'laws of man', created by man as stated before, and can be destroyed by man. Satanism DOESNT present laws that we are supposed to follow. It presents the physics of life: THINGS THE WAY THEY ARE! It aims at understanding the mechanics of life so we can get through it, so we can make best use of things in our hands.

PS: This is a personal view of Satanism

The Random Factor

Is it really possible that our universe is not deterministic? Some physicists, especially quantum physics pioneers including but not limited to "Niels Bohr", claim that our world is not deterministic, and actually includes a probabilistic random factor. Many physicists, including but not limited to "Albert Einstein" one of the founders of the quantum theory refutes this indeterministic factor, and suggests the existence of a "local hidden variable"... thus Albert Einstein apparently supports the deterministic view of this world, and agrees that there is no such thing as unpredictability. (source)
The local hidden variable theory supports my personal view that: "Uncertainty is the direct consequence to lack of knowledge." (read more)

Yet, I find one stone in the road: In accordance to my personal understanding of the world, and assuming that the universe started as a singular point as the theory of big-bang suggests, its is very tempting to conclude that the universe should exhibit perfect symmetry.... Obviously our world has nothing to do with symmetry: A perfect symmetry is like a perfect sphere; our world is nothing like that! It is tempting to associate lack of randomness with symmetry... So does this mean that there is actually a "random factor" in this universe?

To better understand the argument it is useful to understand the basic assumptions:
1- Determinism
2- The world started as a singular point
3- A singular point is necessarily symmetrical
4- Expansion of the singular point under deterministic physics laws leads to universal symmetry
5- Lack of randomness implies symmetry (in other words, asymmetry needs randomness)
6- Determinism defies *deep* randomness (consider)
7- The universe is not perfectly symmetric

This argument is probably flawed; or maybe not.... The weakest link I think is the 4th assumption that expansion of a symmetrical point needs to be symmetrical under deterministic physics. Also the 3rd assumption that the singular point was symmetrical is not necessarily supported by big-bang theorists...

Please share any scientific or philosophical (or otherwise) views on this issue.... I am too eager to find a satisfying answer to this counter-determinism argument!

PS: The scientific validity of this post is NOT asserted

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cool Weblog: Express Yourself

To all cursing fans its time to express yourselves.... Check those two twin weblogs W-Air and W-Kiss...

The origins of these two expressive terms are from the Arabic language: W-Air translated as "suck a dick", and W-Kiss translated as "fuck sister's pussy".... Those are two of the most expressive words in the Arabic language, used mainly like the word "fuck" liberally in any context!

PS: The weblogs target Arabic language speakers (especially Lebanese dialect)
PS: The weblogs contain offensive language

Monday, February 06, 2006

Paying Respects To All Danish Newspapers

Thanks for speaking up; Thanks for honesty; Thanks for standing up to all cartoonists around the globe; Thanks for standing up to the highest standards of integrity; Thanks for for standing up to honorable goals; Thanks for shaking up the world; Thanks for standing up to professional journalism; Thanks for Freedom of Speech; Thanks for standing up against censorship; Thanks for the knowledge; Thanks for the truth;

I wish to see the whole world stand up next to Denmark, and never bow down to censorship requests from any party no matter how powerful, violent, terrorist, or uncivilized. I have to praise every newspaper that decided to publish the danish cartoons following the incident.

Special thanks goto 'Shihan', that although of legal liability has bravely decided to publish the cartoons; I feel it is nessary to say that i highly respect Jihad Momani's courage: A jordanian hero indeed! (read more)
Journalism is one of the most sacred and respectable buissiness around the globe; The voice of truth, and its a very sad incident that the jordanian authorities decided to censor all published editions of 'Shihan' that published the cartoons. Thanks again to Shihan and especially Jihad Momani!

In this spirit i wish all the newpapers around the globe would publish those cartoons; its time to flame all the extreme fundamentalists: let the war begin!

I felt terribly bad about the out-of-portion reactions taken, starting with the boycott campaign initiated by Saudi authorities; I felt bad that many people thought that they should punish the danes for speaking up their honest opinions (example)... I think its too cheap to try to repress Danish freedom of speech through their economy (not that they could, but just the concept): Yes, boycott action is a civilized and peaceful reaction, but in my opinion it is anti-honest!

The reaction escalated, violence started (as obviously expected) and rage started; One of the most horrible acts of violence was in Lebanon: The danish embassy was burnt down! Many lebanise citizens condemn such acts (example: 1 2)... Not only Lebanese citizens have condemned the violent reactions, but also some jordanians (among others) did too (example: 1 2 3)!

Update: Criticizing the Denmark as being selective in their boundaries over Free Speech, Iran published a cartoon which shows a devil -holding the danish flag bearing the Jewish six-pointed star of David- writing a scripture that says (translated from Arabic): "I only recognize the Holocaust as a boundary to Free Speech".

PS: why i think the boycott rxn is anti-honest will be explained in a future post
PS: Here are the Danish cartoons (deemed offensive by some authorities)
PS: check this article for elaborated discussion of the events
PS: check those cartoons that explain how those cartoons serve as a voive for the truth
PS: i am not affiliated with any political parties

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Debates Over Freedom - Part 1: Introduction

What is the true sense of Freedom? I'd define it as choice of course of action. Not all actions necessarily lead to the desired outcome; this is the beauty of choice, each action has a different set of consequences, and the 'wise' choices are hard to define and\or identify.
Some people argue for Freedom, while some argue against that; Naturally, from an earthly perspective, we are all Free (in the sense of rebellion; contrast with an equally credible opposing argument). No "man-made" law has been able to stop people from unlawful acts; In this sense, its senseless to defend Freedom, since it cannot be abolished in the first place. If you come to think about it, somehow Freedom is self-preserving...

So what debate is held against Freedom? Roughly speaking, many people seek an authoritative party protecting people from themselves; In other words, protecting one person from another. So such party is required to define a set of social norms. Naturally, such norms outlaws several minorities, and yet some widely accepted parties. Consider how conservatives oppose liberals, or how dictators oppose the republicans, and several similar conflicts between major parties.

Human-rights advocates claim that Freedom is a basic human right; As far as I am concerned: Freedom is a human nature, even before admitting it as a human right! (based on the 'Freedom is self-preserving' argument) But let's face it, those human-rights advocates preach not true Freedom, but rather few forms of Freedom: they introduce terms such as: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression; No-one hears them talking about Freedom of Brutality, or the Freedom to be a mass-murder: they claim this is inhumane...

PS: Humans are assumed to exhibit Free Will (which is highly debatable)

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Debates Over Freedom - Part 1: Introduction
Debates Over Freedom - Part 2: The Dilemma
Debates Over Freedom - Part 3: Darwinistic Freedom
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Selfish Unselfishness

Satanism represents a form of controlled selfishness. This does not mean that you never do anything for anyone else. If you do something to make someone for whom you care happy, his happiness will give you a sense of gratification.

source: The Satanic Bible, by Anton Lavey / Some Evidence Of New Satanic Age (PDF)

Yeah, lets not forget that we all are just selfish beings no matter how much evidence one holds against that!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tagging Frenzy

Dont u just hate it when stupid word propagates widely through chaining? Its just like a virus... Today i choose to neglect that and respond nicely to some tagging; Kinda a childish way to introduce oneself... Im gonna answer two tags in one post!

First meme: (tagged by Tololy and sk8erboi)

Four Jobs I've had:
1. Student

Four Movies I could watch over and over: (I dont re-watch movies fanatically)
1. Lost And Delirious
2. 40-Days 40-Nights
3. American Pie
4. Porn movies in general

Four Places I have lived:
1. Marka - Amman, Jordan (till age of 2)
2. Al-Rabiyeh - Amman, Jordan (current residence)
3. Bucharest, Romania (40 days only)

Four TV Shows I Love to watch: (not a tv-freak either)
1. Becker
2. Seinfeld
3. Ally McBeal
4. Malcolm in the Middle

Four Places I've Been on Vacation:
1. Aqaba - Jordan (numerous times)
2. Turkey
3. Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt
4. Brachov - Romania

Four Blogs I Visit Daily:
1. Tololy's Box
2. Tololy News
3. Border Of A Mind
4. Neowin.net

Four Favourite Foods:
1. Macaroni
2. Pizza
3. Barbeque
4. Shawerma 3rbi

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Switzerland
2. USA (the Live Large states)
3. Hell (as in: go to Hell)

Four Albums I Love:
1. Meteora - Linkin Park
2. IOWA - Slipknot
3. Anthems Of Rebellion - Arch Enemy
4. Silent Force - Within Temptation
5. Lest We Forget: The Best Of - Marilyn Manson

Four Vehicles I've Owned: (not mine, my Dad's)
1. Opel Vectra (which we sold as scrap since i made a horrible accident with it)
2. Kia Sephia

Four People I would pass the chain to: (chains are no good, so i will not go there)

Second meme: (implicitly tagged by Border Of A Mind)

Five facts about me:
1- Im an atheist (hopefully my ID will say that one day)
2- I love cursing, especially the word "fuck" (demonstration)
3- I hate it that i was raised in a third-world country
4- All my friends agree that i am an asshole
5- Im probably pornoholic

Three things I like in other people:
1- Open-mindness
2- Articulating skills (which i suck at)
3- Honesty and frankness

Three things I don't like in others: (only if the list can go on)
1- Irrationality
2- Exploiting others (especially "psychic vampires")
3- Intolerance towards different people, ideas, and the like.