Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crack IE7 Setup Yourself

Here is a fairly detailed how-to crack IE7 Setup on your own so as to bypass WGA check:

Advanced user's brief how-to:
- Unpack the setup file then hex-edit "update\iecustom.dll" and replace the only instance of "0F95" with "0F94". Then run "update.exe".

Fool-proof detailed how-to:
1- Download a copy from official Microsoft download website
2- Open explorer at your root directory ("C:\")
3- Run the official IE7 Setup
4- Once the setup screen shows up (ie. after extraction of files), a new temporary folder in you root directory will show up, named as a completely random set of alphanumeric string eg. b5a3aba38de5c7fc33575d0a0309
5- We now need a copy of this new folder (extracted files from step 4), but you cant directly copy this folder to a new location; instead browse into that directory, select all files and folders except for "$shtdwn$.req", which is a hidden file, so if you dont show hidden files then just select all visible files
6- Copy-paste those files including the "update" folder to a new folder optionally named "IE7 Setup"
7- Click "cancel" in setup wizard, to close the setup; The temporary folder will now be deteled as well
8- Browse to "\IE7 Setup\update", and hex-edit "iecustom.dll" using your favorite hex-editor (get one) and replace the only instance of "0F 95" with "0F 94"
9- Run "update.exe" and install then reboot (in the "\update" folder)
10- Optionally run "xmllitesetup.exe" (in the "\update" folder)


Black [X] Truder said...


You came out with this yourself?

Devil's Mind said...

nah, someone stated the hex value change on some forum, but its cool how exactly one bit can break the work of several hours of microsoft employees!! I mean they put so much money on making WGA protection, and one bit change can bypass it!

Black [X] Truder said...

Yeah I guess. No matter how hard developers try to make their programs immune to cracking, all if statements are eventually compiled into jump instructions that can be reversed by little hex work!

The post is actually one good example of that :p

Devil's Mind said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't work on the official release, it says it can't verify the integrity of the files

Anonymous said...

On the official release this doesn't work. The installer says it can't verify the integrity of the files