Sunday, April 30, 2006

Darwinistic Evolution Of Truth: Part 3 - The Importance Of Liberal Thought

All of this discussion leads to why i think liberal thought is important to our world; Lets first define what i mean by liberal thought:
Liberal thought emphasizes the importance of freedom of thought; Ideas are allowed to compete with its own fair share... No ideas remain hidden, all is laid out on the table!

This is my definition of liberal thought... This definition shows why liberal though is important.... It boosts the process of natural evolution of though!
Natural evolution has three basic requirements to take place: 1-Variation, 2-Mutation, and 3-Selection; The big rule of evolution is: "Variation proposes and selection disposes." (source) So it is perfectly natural that people would propose very different and varying ideologies... But objective perception will put all those variations to trial, and "better" ones will stand out of the crowd!!
Liberal thought allows 1-Greater variation, 2-Less biased natural selection, and 3-More vigorous conflict of ideas; All of that leading that evolution of ideas and hence evolution of truth will work more smoothly and the whole human race will experience the greater benefit of variation of thoughts.

On the other hand, totalitarian thought on the contrary slows down (but never hinders\stops) the evolution of ideas.... Totalitarian thought favors the process of artificial selection which is a very biased approach to favor the growth of one variation over another regardless of how well it does in reality.
Totalitarian thought exhibits 1-Limited set of predefined variations, 2-Biased artificial selection, and 3-Artificially controlled environment for evolution; All of which leads that evolution of truth being crumbled, and is slowly advancing, thus humanity will require much exaggerated time to prosper or get the benefits of variation of thoughts.

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kinzi said...

Hi Devil's Mind! How funny to meet again on-line! Your grandma was a very special lady to me.

Please greet your family for me...and if you don't mind, I prefer to stay as 'kinzi' on-line so I can retain my freedom of speech!

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Devil's Mind said...

I am flattered that some of my posts were interesting to you... If you had to ask about jordan planet: well, yes i did apply but never got an answer... Anyways, i have no idea why my blog didnt qualify as their criteria isnt publicly announced, but they probably dont want objectionable material hosted there!

It is a nice opportunity to meet you online :D, Heard you'll be creating your own blog... Am looking forward to check it out!