Monday, April 24, 2006

Darwinistic Evolution Of Truth: Part 2 - Religious Wars

But how does all of this "Ideological Evolution" pertain to our time? What am I trying to say?:
As I said, lies are wiped out in a general sense of priority; I think, these days are the peak of religious wars! I mean, in previous days, religions were not the most serious falsehoods affecting us; But the time has come to get a release of that cancer!! Intense "moral evolution" is taking place;

Atheism\Satanism has existed in our world since the beginning of time, but it was silent and inactive: It was traces of mutations scattered on the surface of earth, but just as any other ideology it sustained its miniscule yet solid existence through long ages of repression... But the time has come, atheism\satanism is no more a marginal alternative religion; It is being crudely attacked, yet it holds its position! It is growing and replacing what needs to be an obsolete thesis... Biblical religions are failing miserably at giving an upstanding perception of the world.
Not only religions are now facing serious decline, liberal thought is equally gaining momentum; In the politics of our world, religious\conservative ideologies have an obvious advantage.

My guess is: within 300 years (rough estimated based on purely nothing) untruthful religions will be wiped out, and humanity will be ready to question more serious issues about the reality of our world; Till then we can just wait and see what ideologies are surviving better in the continuous 'ideological competition'.

Please don't misunderstand my previous thesis to suggest that I am giving definite answers to which religions I think is more truthful; Yes, I do think atheism\satanism are going to be the "survivors" of this evolution, yet i do understand, that I might actually be in the 'weak link' that will be screened out! ONLY time will tell.....

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